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Terms and Conditions - Competition


  • I/We confirm that I / we meet the test, age and other requirements of eligibility specified in the published rules of this event.
  • I/We agree to abide by the rules of this event, WAFSC, WAISA Inc. and ISA Incorporated.
  • I/We agree to be punctual for draws, practices, events and official ceremonies.
  • I/We agree to assume all risks of injury or loss for myself / ourselves or, if a parent/guardian, on behalf of my child / ward, and do hereby release and in all respects discharge and agree to hold harmless the conducting body, its officers, agents, employees and sponsors from any claim arising from injury or loss from participation in this event.
  • I/we agree to be photographed or videoed by WAFSC as part of the competition with images and/or video used for promotional materials or training purposes by WAFSC.


To assist the club with the running of the competition, all competitors or a family member will be required to assist with the job roster.

The competitor, family member or representative, will be required to be available at least 1 hour before your event and at least 1 hour after your event for rostering purposes.

*Note: If your family job role is not completed, WAFSC reserves the right to withdraw the competitor from the event or invoice a fee of $50 per day to the competitor or family.

Invoiced fee will be used for hiring staff/ expenses at future WAFSC competitions.