Jeremy Abbott Development Camp 2016 (Information Page)

Presenter: Jeremy Abbott

Venue: Cockburn Ice Arena

Date: 2nd – 5th July 2016

Cost for Participants:

(Please note, athletes are divided into groups base on highest FULL ISA test passed)

  • Aussie Skate Level 4, Preliminary and Elementary   $185
  • Basic Novice A, Basic Novice B and Intermediate    $350
  • Advanced Novice, Junior and Senior                          $350
  • Click Here for Entry Form

Athletes who are members of WAISA and yet to join the club will be given the option to receive a free membership after full payment has been received.

Cost for Coaches wishing to be observers:

Please Note: Coaches with athletes participanting in the camp will be given priority.

In addition all coaches are reminded that they are participating as an observer unless otherwise instructed by the presenter.

A maximum of 5 coaches per day, with additional coaches subject to approval from the club committee in consultation with the presenter.

Camp Content: “I plan to cover a little bit of everything for the camp. My biggest focus is basics. Building the foundation for all of skating and showing that everything is connected. The technique is the same whether its skating, jumping, or spinning, and the proper use of basics allows for easier connection to the music which in turn makes a skater more artistic”  Jeremy Abbott

Registration opening dates:

  • Current Financial Club Members   1st April 2016
  • All other applicants                          15th April 2016

WAFSC Camp Banquet with Guest Presenter Jeremy Abbott

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